Trade# 6 - NOS Condom Vending Machine 

I know, you haven't heard much from TradeUp Weekly in a while, but we were really picky on what we wanted in trade for that Samsung tablet. Well, as time progressed, we received a number of unusual and "off the wall" proposals. Given these unusual swap suggestions, we went ahead and decided to find the most unusual and/or inappropriate proposal, and make that our TradeUp goal! Sorting through those crazy items, I think we've found the most unusual of all of them. Let me introduce Trade #6; an unused and never-installed, 25 year old Atlantic Vending Condom Machine. 


This collectible relic would make a great addition to your Man Cave, Dorm Room, or Fraternity House! It's been in a box for the last 25 years, and comes complete with the mounting hardware, keys, and the coin vending apparatus . Even 25 years later, you still can't be too safe, and that Latex Technology still works! Or, if ya don't want to vend condoms with it, what better disguise could you come up with for a secret handgun cabinet or wall safe? Just use your imagination, as the possibilities are really endless. Roughly 12" X 29" X 5", complete with Mounting Hardware, Keys, Coin Tray and Vending mechanism.