Trade# 5 - Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet

  Ok, it looks like we're starting to see the "snowball affect" as we watch the value of our trade offerings increase in value. That's the whole idea, right???

Our current trade features the exciting Samsung Galaxy Tab A. The Galaxy Tab A 8.0, 16 GB is designed to enhance your mobile life, and keeps you immersed in what matters most every day. Dive into images, videos and more. Work and create right from your tablet with Microsoft Office. And switch to Kids Mode, when you want to entertain the kids while keeping all of your personal content secure. The Galaxy Tab A connects you to the people and things you love. These sweet tablets go for about $150 new at the big box stores.

This gently used tablet will be "factory reset" and function as it came right out of the box, and will include a sync cable and charger, as pictured. We'll also provide a PDF version of the User Manual. 

So, Whatcha Got ta Swap?

Really, if this tablet strikes you as something you can't live without, why not propose a trade for us? Send your proposal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll keep an open mind and consider most any trade opportunity, but, keep in mind that this is Trade UP Weekly, so please don't waste a lot of time proposing something that is an obvious step backwards for this experiment!  As soon as we get a minute to ourselves, we'll consider all the submissions, and decide which one of the offers is something WE can't live without. And then, we'll put that item up as the next trade opportunity. Everybody wins!!! 

We hope to hear from you soon!