Trade# 8 - Modular Makerspace/Workbench/Craft Table !!! 

Here’s a chance to build your dream workbench/maker-space!!!

I’ve got a bunch of retired office modules that are perfect to make a great custom workspaces The one pictured can be built with parts I’ll supply for the current trade opportunity!!! This design uses a combination of 10 major pieces. It’s roughly 3’ X 8’ but other designs can be made, using the 2’ and 3’ wide panels. Only limited by your imagination! Additional major pieces are available, if your plan needs them (panels, surfaces, shelves, under cabinets). The unit pictured has no lighting, but I have a few under-the-shelf light fixtures, too that could be included for the perfect swap! The tools, vise, etc are not included (unless we work something special out). Just propose an irresistible swap!!!

Here's your chance to convert that space in the basement or corner of the garage to a perfect workshop. TradeUp Weekly would be thrilled to assist in making your dream come true!

So, Whatcha Got ta Swap?

Ok, so, you know you need this great maker space! Why not propose a trade for us? Send your proposal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll keep an open mind and consider most any trade opportunity, but, you keep in mind that this is Trade UP Weekly, so please don't waste a lot of time proposing something that is an obvious step backwards for this experiment!  As soon as we get a minute to ourselves, we'll consider all the submissions, and decide which one of the offers is something WE can't live without. And then, we'll trade, and put that item up as the next trade opportunity, here on TradeUp Weekly. Everybody wins!!! 

We hope to hear from you soon!