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We've all heard the news story/urban legend of how a guy successfully executed a series of trades, starting with a single paperclip, and ended up with his first home. Well, we here at TradeUp Weekly aren't really interested in becoming land barons, however, we are intrigued at the possibility of trading some unwanted and unneeded items, for somebody else's unneeded items. And, being the geeks that we are, we are most certainly curious to see what effect social media and the internet will have on this bartering opportunity. So,please join us as we embark on the e-bartering journey that we'll call "TradeUp Weekly".

We Must Confess

Although this concept may be new to many of our visitors, this site and opportunity is a reprise of the original TradeUp Weekly experiment of 2011. In that series of 14 trades, we went from a half glass of Guinness stout, to a salsa recipe, video camera, electric bass guitar, mini bike, 50" LCD television, video arcade machine, sailboat, and finally an $800 cash out. I'm not proud to say "money talks and bull sh@! walks", but going through a spell of unemployment made the $800 cash trade a much better option than spending $200 for renewing the TradeUp Weekly web site hosting. 

So, we know this type of opportunity sparks interest and trade activity. And, the promise of blogging about the trades and traders, as well as the bartering progress, creates an opportunity for our visitors and followers not only to be involved with the trades, but to share in our excitement when a new trade is executed.  We invite you to check back frequently to see the current item up for trade, and to read about the folks fortunate enough to be part of this TradeUp experience. you can also follow us on facebook at